Digital Innovation for a New Era

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Zero One in a New Era

Personalized Cryptocurrency Wallets

Touch and Use in a New Era

Potential Applications for DI.NE

Tailored, Personalized, Location-Based Marketing Platform

A Digital Interface combining Location Intelligence with a Mobile Commerce Platform

Logistical Interface to Control and Manage Autonomous Delivery Vehicles

A Plan for the Future

DI.NE - Digital Innovation for a New Era

The domain could be used for a location-based marketing platform. The platform could deliver content for personal devices and in-vehicle advertising, revolutionizing the retail industry and transforming mobile commerce. Using location awareness/intelligence, screens in autonomous vehicles and digital billboards could be used by restaurants and other retailers to create tailored, personalized advertisements for customers as their vehicles are passing nearby. Autonomous vehicles will soon be a vital part of the product delivery ecosystem. DI.NE could encompass autonomous delivery paired with a mobile commerce platform and provide businesses with total logistical control over their autonomous fleet.

DI.NE could also be marketed to any user in the food and restaurant industry.

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